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to prepare and serve what i order. lisa tweeting, yes, i love the idea. hope all restaurants join because we have no idea how much fat we're consuming. don't live in denial. thanks so much for being part of the real story. we had a lot of thoughts on the miley cyrus on the cover of "time" magazine as well. i'm gretchen carlson. hope you have a great rest of the day. shep smith is going to report live from the fox news desk. >>> thank you. a truck loaded with radioactive material goes missing. and if terrorists get their hands on it, they tell us it could mean big trouble. as if the obama care website hasn't had enough problems already, now word of hackers hitting the site. plus what we now know about how many people are actually using the website and true blood's i'll see the werewolf live right here on the fox news desk. i'll ask him about suki and whatever they have going on. i'll ask him if he drank the v. i'll ask him about his struggles with alcohol 11 years ago and some more things. and how he went from homeless to, well, i don't know a pin-up guy. so let's
at once. lisa depasquale wrote an article on the $20 million in art owned by detroit, if they sold that, they could take care of this. sell is art. final suggestion, put trump in exampl charge. he cuts through the red tape. like him or not. >> let's skip ahead. ed haenry with jay carney. asking what he meant by saving detroit? >> is the president going the let detroit go bankrupt? >> i think that happened awhile ago. >> didn't he say it would be awful if they went bankrupt? it wasn't enough to help the auto industry. i think in the campaign, he said it would be horrible. >> i think there is enormous hardship caused by what is happening in detroit. this needs to be resolved between the city and it creditors. >> look, i know, ed couched it in president obama mentioned the auto industry. >> as i recall, the president's answer was vague. they left it vegas. because michigan at the time, might have gone romney's way. they wanted to walk a rhetorical fine line. they were not specific. now is the time for governing, not campaigning. it was a fair question to ask. >> their language changes cons
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2